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Technical SEO & SEO Audits

Building a strong foundation for organic search

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Silverback Strategies’ SEO campaigns are built on a technical base optimized for the complexities of Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

This foundation is crucial to SEO success. Without proper technical setup and maintenance, even great content will struggle to rank on search engines. Technical SEO improves the functional aspects of a website to boost overall search crawl efficiency. This optimization allows search engines to read a site easily. Technically optimized site content is more likely to rank both on the search engine results page (SERP )itself and within the increasingly valuable on-page SERP features, like the Map Pack, Knowledge Box, Google My Business and so on.

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While most technical SEO deliverables go unnoticed by the average user browsing through a site, they are vital to SEO performance. Technical SEO tells search engines how to read a page and that its content has what it takes to rank.

Our SEO team analyzes these technical elements when they perform an SEO audit for our partners’ sites. A SIlverback SEO audit allows our organic search managers to explore what is making or breaking a site’s current search performance.

Once we have that information, we can create a strategy that allows us to make the necessary edits, updates, changes and technical optimizations.

Using industry-leading programs like STAT, SEMRush, Moz and others, we dig deep into a site’s technical makeup. Analyzing metadata, sitemaps, image optimizations and more, we paint a full picture of how sites fare from an SEO perspective.

The data-driven recommendations we gather from our SEO audit build our gameplan going forward. We let the data lead the way so that we and our partners can see measurable, proven success.

This data-driven strategy covers everything from technical site optimization to content and editorial SEO keyword suggestions. But this strategy isn’t stagnant — we closely measure our results and adjust to engineer the best SERP performance possible.

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