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Paid Social

Paid social advertising gives brands unprecedented opportunities to reach and engage consumers. But the massive scale of social audiences, changes in content consumption patterns and concerns surrounding privacy and security mean platforms evolve at a tremendous rate.

Silverback Strategies’ paid social managers are trained directly by leaders from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. We receive exclusive access to new tools and research to ensure that our clients’ advertising programs are always driving traffic, leads and sales.

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Silverback’s paid social offering combines outstanding design and video creative with expert-level account management to drive efficient, effective campaigns. Silverback’s awareness, engagement and remarketing campaigns create actionable audiences and utilize first-party CRM data to hone targeting based on real customers. We utilize sophisticated in-platform sequencing that creates a buyer’s journeys that lead to conversions.

Some brands seek specific B2B decision-makers on a platform like LinkedIn, demographically-defined B2C audiences on Facebook and Instagram or viewers with patterns of specific search intent on YouTube, Regardless of need, Silverback has the experience and knowledge to deliver the performance and growth our clients demand. We’re in this together.

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